Shade of Blue

by Matt Cipolla



released November 6, 2011



all rights reserved


Matt Cipolla Mt Pleasant, Michigan

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Track Name: Clouds
by Matthew Cipolla

Stormy skies on a misty morning
Colored lines ignore the warning
of the thunder, the lightening,
the raindrops passing me by

Where would we be without our dreams
those big fat fluffy clouds above our bed
we rise and face the morning
taken by surprise
Wonder where would we be X2

Now we can do a great many things
just gotta stick our necks out long and pray
reach the highest branches and take that tender fruit
wonder where will we be X2

Taken by surprise it's nothing new
Where in the emerald isle green as true
the rain the blades the everglades adieu
I do remember summer me and you
those big fat fluffy clouds are coming true
lovin' this adventure I need you

Just stay by my side
wait by my side
sleep by my side
And we'll rise with the morning Hello X3

Where would we be without our dreams
those big fat fluffy clouds above our bed
lets rise and face the morning me and you
Don't care where we will be X2
Just kick back and we'll see
Surprise in ecstasy
Tell me you want to be
Right there in the passenger seat


Just stay by my side
wait by my side
sleep by my side
And we'll rise with the morning Hello X3
Track Name: Sunshine Supernova
Sunshine your my life
tell me what is right
show me how to live
and when to say goodnight

tell me when your day is through
and I will follow you

cause light don't last forever
we gotta brighten up the night

Sunshine in the night
living in the stars
breaking through the constellations
tail a shooting star

make a wish to always be
bright enough to fly
cause when we are together
the light will never die

And I will follow you until the last star falls
and I will carry you until the edge of time

so stay with me
and you will see
what its like to live
what its like to live

sunshine in your heart
I can see it in your eyes
I know where you wanna be
its written in the stars

come to me i'll take you in
i'll hold you in my arms

it's a sunshine supernova
let love tear you apart

Track Name: Me, Myself, and You
Lets take another shot
the love you thought was lost
a lie the love the crush the hush
a vicious kind of touch

I'll find a place
to live without a trace
a place to be alone at last
me myself and you

It's another place to be
to live amongst the trees
to live that simple life
day by day
day by day

Don't take a second thought
just live the life you've got
A cloud the storm the rain
that falls it beauty you don't know

Don't gamble on the moon
this night has just begun
it sets the stage encumbered waves
of grace the face it waits

It's another place to be...
Don't gamble on the sun
The burn a peeling heart
Grip the hold, the breath won't blow
It's love I've never known

And I will be the one
to never let it go
to take the leap I'm falling fast
the grace, a face, I know...

It's another place to be...

And Day by Day
I'll move in you
It's just the thought of pushing through
Don't let go
It's worth a throw
Skipping time the splash
we know
Only once we start to pull away

We come back love
It's red hot love
Just can't wait love
Track Name: Velcro Sky
Velcro Sky
I can feel your heart still beating
deep inside my soul

but I can't feel you breathing

every day is so damn beautiful
but every night I lie awake
I think of you
I think of me

tear down these walls
peel me off at the seam
and throw me high in the air
where I can be, in the Velcro sky

What are we waiting for?
What are we waiting for?

The walls to crumble to the ground at our feet
Then one day will learn to fly

Take it high to to the clouds above
to shine forever

I believe
believe in
things beyond our control
but I don't want to face them
but alone I'm pushing through this

I believe in destiny
but I believe in chance
I'm in line for victory
step aside and let me go

I'll tear down
these walls
and peel back my mind
and take it high to the sky
where I can shine,
shine forever

What am I waiting for X5

I'll take an axe to this wall myself
and leave the bastards to fend for themselves
I'll take it high alone I'll climb
to shine forever
Track Name: Insane in Love
I spent my life waiting
for what I'm not sure
maybe something will come hit my head
and drive me insane

I need motivation
Something to live for
Something to make me crazy
and drive me away

I'm going back in time
to make some changes
I hope that someway
you and I can be
can be
in love
insane in love

met you on that dance floor
didn't do much talking
but when I gazed into your eyes
I knew we had to be

its that kind of feeling
everything's perfect
don't last forever
to good to be true


I spent my life waiting
for you and your here
maybe one day you'll know my game
and I'll drive you insane
Track Name: Shade of Blue
Lets sit here awhile and talk about you
I'm caught inside that shade of blue

its makes me wonder who you are
to tell you who I am
to make us be one

Lets lay here awhile just waste, the day.
My arms around you tight, hell that's all I need

When you are beside
I feel our hearts collide
just makes me feel alive

I love the way you look at me
The perfect gaze
Is a perfect wave

With the sea above my head
I'm drowning in the blue
I just can't breathe

When I'm with you my heart beats out of line
feels like I'm drowning in the blue
of your heart
that shade
of blue

Just give me some time to catch my breath
when I'm with you
its hard to do

Do I really need to breathe
When you are all I need
Can you just breathe for me