Velcro Sky

from by Matt Cipolla



Velcro Sky
I can feel your heart still beating
deep inside my soul

but I can't feel you breathing

every day is so damn beautiful
but every night I lie awake
I think of you
I think of me

tear down these walls
peel me off at the seam
and throw me high in the air
where I can be, in the Velcro sky

What are we waiting for?
What are we waiting for?

The walls to crumble to the ground at our feet
Then one day will learn to fly

Take it high to to the clouds above
to shine forever

I believe
believe in
things beyond our control
but I don't want to face them
but alone I'm pushing through this

I believe in destiny
but I believe in chance
I'm in line for victory
step aside and let me go

I'll tear down
these walls
and peel back my mind
and take it high to the sky
where I can shine,
shine forever

What am I waiting for X5

I'll take an axe to this wall myself
and leave the bastards to fend for themselves
I'll take it high alone I'll climb
to shine forever


from Shade of Blue, track released October 18, 2011



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Matt Cipolla Mt Pleasant, Michigan

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